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Mozilla Firefox History dropdown not working

24 Février 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

Get online support when your mozilla firefox history dropdown not working, you just call us on our helpline at Mozilla Firefox Customer Service 1-888-467-5540

Firefox history dropdown not working – how to solve it by Mozilla Firefox Customer Service

We know that your Firefox web browser’s location bar dropdown menu isn’t showing history. You are unable to get Firefox history and you want assistance for it. Well you can get our online + telephonic customer service and help to fix this issue.

Or you can solve the problem yourself by starting the Firefox web browser in Safe mode. Generally this problem is caused by non-working extensions. Make sure you are not in Firefox private browsing mode. Start Mozilla Firefox in “Safe Mode” to check if hardware acceleration or if any extension is causing the problem.

  • Use the Firefox’s default theme: Click “Tools” >> select “Add-ons” >> select “Appearance”.
  • How to check Extensions: On Firefox‘s safe mode – Click “Tools” >> select “Add-ons” >> select “Extensions”.
  • Turn of Hardware acceleration – On Firefox – click “Tools” >> select “Options” >> select “Advanced” >> Go to browsing section >> uncheck third option.

Get the online help and Mozilla Firefox Customer Service from our browser troubleshooting professionals now. You can use your dropdown menu again only by getting our online + telephonic assistance.

Get live and online tech support for Firefox only from our customer care. Dial the original helpline famous as our “Mozilla Firefox Customer Support Phone Number”.

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Get Browser Techniques via Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Helpline

19 Février 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

Get Online Support for browser help by Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Number 1-888-467-5540

Share Browser issue at Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Helpline

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser developed at Mozilla Foundation. This is a free and safe web browser to be downloads and used. The important thing is that it is developed using the open source features. That means, it is designed by the Mozilla but users can make changes in it according to their choice and requirements. Despite of it is being an open source, Mozilla Firefox is safe and secured. Almost every operating system like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. supports Mozilla Firefox. It also provides the fastest web browsing experience to the users.

Avail well experts for Browser Support on Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Phone Number

Mozilla Firefox is an amazing web browser but still not completely free from technical problems and errors. Such problems can occur any time in between while working. Few general issues are:

  • Firefox is slow
  • Firefox crashes
  • Antivirus is not supportive
  • Loading takes a longer time then usual.
  • Problems regarding add-ons, plug-ins and other unwanted software
  • Others.

At Mozilla Firefox Customer Care, all such issues are handled by the certified and trained professionals. Mozilla users can always contact at the Mozilla Firefox Customer Care. This number is open for 24/7 and the technical executives are always on the line to help and guide Mozilla Firefox users. Calling at the Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Phone Number is the most convenient approach as user can call at any suitable time and because of the dedication of the technicians, the waiting time is also very less. Hence for solutions of all the Mozilla Firefox problems, just dial the number and get relaxed.

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Mozilla Firefox Customer Service a better technical Point to resolve an issue

30 Janvier 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

Get relevant technical assistance for How to add extensions in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is most prominent Internet web browser application software that is highly used among the users around the world. There are number of the users who are using this web browser application software by installing it on their mobile phone. If you are having issue in using the Mozilla Firefox, you can visit the Mozilla Firefox customer service where you can get the perfect solution to fix the problem.

If you are trying to add extensions in Mozilla Firefox but having difficulty to perform the steps, you can have assistance by Mozilla Firefox customer support team who will offer you suitable guidance to comply with the steps.

Perform the steps to add Extensions in Mozilla Firefox:

· Click on the “Extensions menu” button and choose “Add-ons Extensions” in Mozilla Firefox.

· Go to the “Add-ons manager” tab select the “Get add-ons” panel.

· Click on the “Add Extensions menu” to “Add Mozilla Firefox” button to install it.

· Firefox will download the request to Add-ons and probably it will ask you to “Confirm” that you want to install it

· Click to “Restart” in case it pops up.

· In this situation your tabs will be saved and it is able to restore after the restart system.

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Apple Safari Technical Support for all about browser Customer Service

30 Janvier 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

Apple Safari Technical Support for all about browser Customer Service

Apple Safari is one of the finest web browser is very safe and secure web browser. This web browser is largely used by the millions of the users to their personal and professional usage, due to its prominent features. It supports different types of operating systems, such as Mac OS, windows and others. Even, after multiple features, but sometimes users might face some technical issues with their Apple Safari browser. So that time, the users can take Apple Safari Customer Service for all technical guide by contacting us. We are third party technical support providers and offering you immense assistance to the users for their all types of Apple Safari problems through our proficient technical experts.

Some of the Apple Safari issues are as:-

Apple Safari browser isn't working issue

Apple Safari apps, extensions, and plug-in related issue

Apple Safari is not loading pages

Support for reducing Safari memory

Safari settings, security, personalization, and files related issue

Fix safari working outrageously slowly issue

Apple Safari Signing issue

Troubleshooting Push Notifications issues

Crashed issue and many other problems

Therefore, the users can resolve easily all the above or any sort of problem associated with Apple Safari via contacting or connecting with us.

How you can connect with us?

You can direct connect with us by simply dialing our Apple safari technical support Number which is available 24 hours, seven days of the week, and 365 days a year and obtain technical support. By taking our phone support services you can get our online technical help and can easily fix various kinds of issues in a short time through our technician’s guidance. Hence, contact us now to avail wonder and 100% technical solutions at reliable cost.

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McAfee Antivirus Technical Support to safe your device by Virus Attack !!

28 Janvier 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

McAfee Antivirus Technical Support to safe your device by Virus Attack !!

Know Better solution by McAfee antivirus technical support phone number

McAfee is a big brand for anti-virus programs. Generally McAfee antivirus, anti-spyware & internet security programs are installed for the purpose of safety. Viruses aim to corrupt the operating system & the overall mechanism of input / output devices.
Ad-ware causes slow browsing, slow loading of web pages, browser & dissatisfaction with internet connection malfunctioning. Malware are responsible to steal administrator's information. The The The The The Therefore you need a Good antivirus program to protect your PC, laptop & mobile device.
Installing & using McAfee. Antivirus program is a good option. Doubts & Purpose-have queries users with McAfee security products Their Concerns with McAfee antivirus are resolved by our technical support specialists.
Kind of queries with McAfee solved here by our specialists:

  • How to install McAfee antivirus from CD
  • How to uninstall McAfee Agent on Windows 10
  • How to use McAfee activation card
  • How to use McAfee product key
  • How to stop McAfee scan
  • How to scan using McAfee virus
  • How to check McAfee virus definitions dated
  • How to remove viruses and spyware McAfee protection services
  • How to update McAfee subscription
  • How to update antivirus offline

& Similar queries are solved by our antivirus troubleshooting specialists. Dial our helpline Also Known As McAfee antivirus Technical Support Phone number.
Automatic answering machine Robots & idle phone numbers arent Deployed here. Only real antivirus customer support technicians (specialists) are here to assist all . McAfee. Users
Apart from queries There Are Many issues with. McAfee Well our antivirus experts-have skills to solve all kinds of problems with troubleshooting the McAfee instincts &
Kind of disorders with McAfee resolved here:

  • McAfee not working after-Windows 10 update
  • Antivirus not working in Windows 10
  • McAfee Site advisor is not working Firefox
  • Installing Windows is not McAfee
  • McAfee security center not opening
  • McAfee not updating 2015
  • McAfee not scanned (the file is encrypted) (scan timed out)
  • Installing antivirus not due to virus
  • Detecting viruses Antivirus not
  • Antivirus not up to date
  • Antivirus not updating

& Other complications are resolved by our authorized, antivirus certified & recovery technicians holding experience. Dial our toll free helpline number active famously Known As McAfee antivirus tech support number.
Call to get a ticket / docket / complaint number from our customer service department. The ticket number is Actually you'll get a reference number for the complaint we booked our helpline number.

Best way to Recover All Error on McAfee Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number

Nobody wants a faulty anti-virus program. Purpose viruses of today's generation are reliable to dominate & are reliable to infect a good anti-virus product installed. Get freedom from infection by viruses & Taking Our reliable customer service.
Registry problems with McAfee-have antivirus are solved by our antivirus repairing technicians. The only true helpline for antivirus troubleshooting cum carrier is bears. Users can consult around the world with our McAfee Tech Support technicians.
Call to-have fast, safe & trustworthy repair / recovery of McAfee products. Please dial our helpline true better Known As McAfee antivirus customer service phone number. Our customer service toll free number is Regarded as the ultimate savior / number lifeline for antivirus products.

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Avast Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number

28 Janvier 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

Avast Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number

Dial the toll free Legit "Avast Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number" now

All kinds of installation, un-installation, configuration, scanning & synchronization problems with Avast are resolved by our league of certified, intelligent & smart Technically technicians. Contact the antivirus troubleshooting by technicians Placing we call our Avast Customer Service Phone Number, Generally security products are installed to protect the devices. Sometimes the security software work contre our wishes & desires. Instead of hunting viruses & other security products thesis infections are hunted. The malfunctioning of Avast products is intolerable for users.​

Avast is a big brand for computer security products. Millions of users across the world use the products of Avast security. Some of 'em are completely Call dissatisfied with it. Not Because The security of Avast products work badly. The only reason behind dissatisfaction with Avast is the unexpected occurrence of technical problems with it.

Do not worry if your Avast antivirus / internet security product is not working properly. You can get the high level technical support for Avast very easily.


Answer- Contact our antivirus troubleshooting center. Our center is responsible to deliver the very best "Avast customer service" Every day millions of Avast users avail our professional technical assistance. You too can get our tech help for Avast Any Time.

Why you need to avail our customer service for Avast:

The answer is really easy. There is no one outside Who can solve your queries with Avast. Our customer care is the only legit & legal Avast customer service provider.

You can avail our technical support & help for Avast Any Time. Here customer service 24/7 for Avast is offered. Dial our toll-free help-line support number if you need to get the effective solutions.

Contact our customer support center if you want to get fast & long lasting solutions for Avast. Book a complaint right now is our toll free Avast Antivirus Customer Service & get solution for it Instantly​.

Some Common & frequently faced problems with Avast only resolved right here:

  • Avast not working in Windows 10
  • Avast not working with Firefox
  • Avast antivirus scanning not
  • Avast not Installing on Windows 10
  • Avast not compliant with Windows 10
  • Avast Internet Security not up-dating
  • Avast virus definitions not updating

More & different problems with Avast antivirus, internet security, Mac security are resolved here at our 100% pro customer care.

Some famous Avast only Answered queries with right here:

  • How to uninstall Avast antivirus pro
  • How to install Windows 10 in Avast
  • How to install Avast antivirus offline
  • How to scan with Avast email
  • How to scan computer with Avast at boot time
  • How to get license key of Avast
  • How to download Avast free antivirus from internet

Get our help "Avast antivirus customer service" for more queries & questions.

We offer technical support for Avast Antivirus Pro, Free Mac Security, Internet Security, browser & cleanup for more security products. Good thing about our help Is That it's available 24/7 globally.

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