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Esofthelp Online Service for Technical Issue

Netgear Wireless Router Customer Service

25 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Technology

Dial for Solution via Netgear Router Customer Service

Having trouble with wireless router and want technical support for router help on various issue's such as Netgear password not working, wireless configuration, router not connecting to internet or many more.

Solution on how to setup Netgear wireless router?

It’s easy to setup Netgear router. Call us if you need online support for Netgear. Our technicians can show you how to setup Netgear router. They can setup your Netgear wireless router on your device. Talk to them now.

Or follow the steps below.

14 Steps of Netgear Wireless Router Setup:

  1. Plug the power cord into the back of your Netgear router.
  2. Take the network cord and plug it in to the back of your Netgear router.
  3. Take the other end of the network cord and plug it in to your PC / laptop.
  4. Connect your PC / laptop to the LAN port of Netgear router using an Ethernet cable.
  5. Take network cable from your cable or DSL modem and plug it in to the back port of your Netgear router. Go to your PC / laptop.
  6. Launch a web browser on your PC / laptop.
  7. Enter the IP address of Netgear router in the URL bar of web browser. Press “Enter” key.
  8. That will open a dialog box asking for username and password.
  9. Enter default username and password. Click “OK”.
  10. You’re now brought in to the configuration screen.
  11. Select your country, language the second option of “No I want to configure router myself”. Click “Next”.
  12. Select encapsulation. Change username and password.
  13. Go the “Wireless Settings”. Change your name (SSID), region, channel and mode.
  14. Select “Security Options”. Choose “WPA-PSK” option. Create a network key and apply it.

Contact Netgear Router Technical Support team whose avail here 24/7 hrs

Hope the above information helps you setup your Netgear wireless router. Contact us if you want online support for Netgear. Our customer support technicians can setup your Netgear router. Contact our router troubleshooting technicians on our Netgear Router Support Phone Number.

They can install your Netgear wireless router on your device. Consult them now on our Netgear support helpline number 1-888-467-5540 and for more details visit on Netgear website - http://www.esofthelp.com/netgear-router-customer-service

Watch video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qXZR2bZHyw

Netgear Router Customer Service & Helpline for taking advance knowledge for Netgear wireless, router, modem and etc.

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