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Mozilla Firefox Customer Service a better technical Point to resolve an issue

30 Janvier 2016 , Rédigé par karelin Publié dans #Internet

Get relevant technical assistance for How to add extensions in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is most prominent Internet web browser application software that is highly used among the users around the world. There are number of the users who are using this web browser application software by installing it on their mobile phone. If you are having issue in using the Mozilla Firefox, you can visit the Mozilla Firefox customer service where you can get the perfect solution to fix the problem.

If you are trying to add extensions in Mozilla Firefox but having difficulty to perform the steps, you can have assistance by Mozilla Firefox customer support team who will offer you suitable guidance to comply with the steps.

Perform the steps to add Extensions in Mozilla Firefox:

· Click on the “Extensions menu” button and choose “Add-ons Extensions” in Mozilla Firefox.

· Go to the “Add-ons manager” tab select the “Get add-ons” panel.

· Click on the “Add Extensions menu” to “Add Mozilla Firefox” button to install it.

· Firefox will download the request to Add-ons and probably it will ask you to “Confirm” that you want to install it

· Click to “Restart” in case it pops up.

· In this situation your tabs will be saved and it is able to restore after the restart system.

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